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Mobile Number Portability

Number Portability allows consumers and businesses to keep their existing telephone numbers when they switch operators. It, literally, means that numbers are portable from operator to operator - whether that operator is a mobile, wireline, or VoIP service provider.

Number Portability benefits everyone.

It gives subscribers the freedom to choose operators based on criteria like services, price, and customer service. Their freedom of movement is not influenced by the inconveniences and costs that come with changing numbers.

It also makes it easier for operators to compete for customers, precisely because it eliminates a major barrier to churn - that is, reluctance to change numbers. Although this increased risk of churn is a concern among some operators, number portability has been a huge success around the world, because it helps to level the playing field, giving all operators more opportunities to grow their subscriber bases and revenues.

Benefits of Number Portability
Mobile number portability (MNP) enables mobile subscribers to retain their mobile number when changing from one mobile network operator to another. Thus, you can shift your services from your existing mobile service provider to a new and a better mobile service, keeping your mobile number unchanged
Advantages to Subscribers
Advantages to Operators
Tariffs Overview
As per TRAI Regulation , "Per Port Transaction Charge " is up to Rs. 19/- (Nineteen). For further details , please refer to the TRAI website (www.trai.gov.in) on Mobile Number Portability Regulation.